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Andrzej (NJ) is well seasoned amateur with many years of experience in film and digital photography. He likes to shoot moody landscapes, portraits depicting emotions, city scapes and more.
Many of NJ's pictures were published wordwide in promotional materials and some are selling well through Getty Images stock. He's a winner in several local competitions and was featured in renown online photo sharing sites and in publishers contests. 
NJ is a true photo passionate devoting most of his spare time into photography.
NJ is:
* Member of Latow Photography Guild
* Member of Burlington Art Center
He has attended Workshops and/or Seminars with:
* Janos Eifert
* George Lepp
* André Gallant
* Michael Reichmann
* Richard Martin
* Darwin Wiggett
* Daryl Benson
* Nevada Wier
* Albert Watson
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